RICS Social Impact Residential Winner: Gateshead Innovation VillagePosted on October 12, 2020

The Gateshead Innovation Village is an exciting live research project looking at ways to solve the housing crisis. The village comprises 41 energy efficient homes for rent, testing a range of modern methods of construction (MMC) and smart and energy efficient technologies. By investigating how quality homes can be built more quickly and efficiently, it aims to offer the sector greater confidence in utilising MMC at scale and inspire change in the UK housing sector. The Gateshead Innovation Village is delivering ground breaking research and testing a variety of Modern Methods of Construction, Smart Technologies and Energy Efficient Technologies. The research, when complete, will be published and made available to help the house building Industry deliver efficient, environmentally friendly homes utilising Modern Methods of Construction to speed delivery.

As part of the scheme Northumbria University are testing Smart Digital Technologies that will benefit homeowners and, in particular, the elderly, infirm and those with learning difficulties.