Since its inception in 1988, Elliott Projects Ltd has been providing clients with bespoke project management services tailored to clients’ individual needs.

We provide comprehensive project management services to clients across a wide sector (housing/leisure/care/industrial/commercial) with an individual tailored approach to each client’s needs on projects ranging from £1M to £50M.

Our approach is simple – we spend time at the outset to understand fully what our clients want to achieve and we will then develop a project delivery plan that will accomplish this goal.

We will draw on the total experience available to us from across our business and utilise the lessons learnt from previous projects in terms of programme, value, risk and reward.

We have worked with numerous ‘one off’ clients who have no experience or concept of what is involved  in undertaking a complex development (a new headquarters building,  a new sports arena, a new production facility).  Such projects will most likely be the client’s biggest single investment decision.

With such one off clients, it is unlikely we will see them building another major project so we cannot expect repeat business.  We think it is even more important to ensure this stressful and expensive experience is managed on their behalf and that they can proceed safe in the knowledge that their best interests are being looked after.  We will manage the project from its earliest inception  through to project completion and handover.