Tanton Fields

Elliott Associates won a tender to provide a Joint Venture Employer’s Agent role on a programme of projects anticipated to deliver circa 1,000 new dwellings. With our experience, Elliott Associates were able to understand quickly the tailored and different Employer’s Agent role and approach which was required for the delivery of this project which formed part of a larger programme of works for the Joint Venture Client, a Specialist Purpose Vehicle set-up between a Registered Provider and Contractor.

The Client did not have a brief for the role or scope of services in mind. Elliott Associates suggested the requirements of the role and how the projects could be delivered offering a unique fee solution to enable the Client to identify a fixed cost at an early stage in the project. This project is one of five which have already been commissioned and are under construction which in total will see the delivery of 641nr new build dwellings including 209nr affordable dwellings. Delivering a programme of projects allows the delivery team to focus on partnerships, supply chain benefits and team working to deliver the best possible value and overcome obstacles. Elliott Associates provided contract advice in order that the build contract could be accelerated and delayed to suit sales rates with cost certainty in place.

Our experience and diligence pre-contract allowed cost savings to be established which entirely offset our fee for this role. The first project in this programme is due to be completed in October 2019, 12 months ahead of the contract completion date. This will allow for savings on the Contractor’s preliminaries to be established which will benefit the Client (in accordance with our provisions for amendments to contract clauses).